High-quality and high-technology nutrients for the cannabis grower who wants
a simple and effective solution to
maximize yield potential.

Are you tired of complicated and overpriced nutrient programs?
Are you struggling with salt build up or nutrient imbalances in your plants?
Do you feel like there must be a better way?

At Key Grow Solutions, we agree.
That’s why we’ve developed nutrient products that provide all of the nutrients your plants need in a simple, easy-to-follow nutrition program.


Why choose Key Grow Solutions?

At Key Grow Solutions, we’re committed to bringing the best cannabis nutrients to growers. Period.
We’ve partnered with some of the best minds in the nutrient industry to bring you the latest technology for your grow.

We’re here to bust the myths of cannabis nutrition. Have you heard any of these?

Nutrients don’t matter – it’s lights that are important.

Let us show you how much better your plants
can be with the right nutrient program.

A nutrient program is better if it requires a lot of steps.

That simply isn’t true. A plant knows what it needs. If you use a high-quality complete nutrition program like Key Grow Solutions, your plants will take up what they need and ignore the rest. Those other companies that offer dozens of different products that claim to be better? They’re just taking your money by making you buy multiple products.

All cannabis nutrient programs are the same.

Poor quality fertilizers can cause a host of problems, from salt build up to plant damage. Key Grow Solutions’ products are designed to be highly-absorbable for your plants and easy-to-use, with a significant reduction in problems caused by salt buildup as compared to many other fertilizers on the market.


Give us a try. We’re confident you’ll see the difference.

Our Products

White Royal with text.jpg

A White Royal flush of nutrients
for bountiful vegetation


Red Royal with text.jpg

The Red Royal nutrient treatment
for magnificent blooms


Purple Cat with text.jpg

A Purple Cat dose of
calcium, magnesium, and sulfur
to promote healthy buds

Blue Butterfly with text.jpg

Blue Butterfly micronutrients
for bountiful buds



Our Technologies



PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) represents the next generation of nutrients: A polymicrobial suspension developed from selected naturally occurring endospore-forming bacterial isolates. Isolates are maintained in pure culture ensuring quality control in each and every batch. 


Amino Acids

 The basic components of plant metabolic machinery are proteins. Proteins are assemblages of amino acids. Amino acids are synthesized in the leaves of plants by using carbon and oxygen from the air along with hydrogen from water in the soil to form carbon hydrates via photosynthesis.  


Specialty Enhancements

- Silicone
- Fulvic Acid
- Seaweed Extract