Amino Acids

The basic components of plant metabolic machinery are proteins. Proteins are assemblages of amino acids. Amino acids are synthesized in the leaves of plants by using carbon and oxygen from the air along with hydrogen from water in the soil to form carbon hydrates via photosynthesis. These carbon hydrates are combined with nitrogen (from the soil) to complete the synthesis. Finally, the amino acids are assembled in unique configurations to form various proteins, enzymes and hormones that run biochemical reactions and plant processes. 

Key Grow Solutions’ amino acid technology has the following desirable properties: 

  • High concentration of 17+ soy-based L-amino acids
  • No negative phytotoxicity effects
  • Acidification properties (particularly important for irrigation systems)

Amino acid technology can be found in Key Grow Solutions’ Blue Butterfly* for your micronutrient needs.

* Blue Butterfly contains boron, which, at high levels, can cause plant toxicity. It should not be used on seeds.