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In order to ensure that your plant is reaching its full potential, it’s important to provide it with the critical secondary and micronutrients it needs. This step is particularly important in coconut coir, which naturally contains fewer nutrients than soil.

Key Grow Solutions provides secondary and micronutrients in two of its products: Purple Cat and Blue Butterfly*. In order to minimize irrigation system buildup and maximize nutrient absorption, Purple Cat should not be mixed with Blue Butterfly or White Royal if the pH of the final solution is higher than 5.7.

provided in
Purple Cat

Calcium – Calcium aids early root hair growth, improves plant vigor and stem stiffness, encourages seed production, and stimulates soil microorganisms. It is critical for cell manufacturing and growth.

Magnesium – Magnesium is an essential part of chlorophyll. It is necessary for plant sugar formation, acts as phosphorus carrier in the plant, and helps regulate uptake of other nutrients. Note: Magnesium deficiencies are relatively common, so watch for yellow patches on leaves between dark green veins, beginning with the lower leaves and gradually progressing upwards to the middle leaves.

Sulfur – Sulfur is a primary constituent of many amino acids. It aids in the activation of enzymes and vitamins and is needed for chlorophyll formation. It stimulates seed formation and plant growth vigor. It helps maintain dark green color and aids in use of nitrogen.

provided in
White Royal

provided in
Blue Butterfly

Boron – Boron improves yield and quality of fruits and vegetables. It is important for seed production, assists in calcium and phosphorus use, and, likely, sugar transfer in plants. It is required for flower formation and fruit set.

Copper – Copper is an enzyme activator. It is required for chlorophyll production, aids in photosynthesis, and regulates water movement in cells. It is also needed for seed production.

Manganese – Manganese influences germination and plant maturity. It aids in photosynthesis and carbohydrate transformation. It is needed for carbon dioxide absorption and combines with iron, copper, and zinc in hormone balance

Zinc – Zinc is necessary for chlorophyll production and plant growth. It also functions in plant reproduction. It is involved in enzyme activation and production, and it aids in uptake and use efficiency of water

Molybdenum – Molybdenum is likely needed as enzyme activator for nitrate regulation. It is essential in the nitrogen fixation process.

Cobalt – Cobalt is necessary for the growth of beneficial bacteria and is critical for nitrogen absorption.



* Blue Butterfly contains boron, which, at high levels, can cause plant toxicity. It should not be used on seeds.