Nitrogen is an important macronutrient for all plants.  It is critical for leaf and stem growth, aids in stress tolerance, improves disease resistance, and is an essential component of proteins. Peak demands for nitrogen happen in the vegetative and early in the bloom stage. 

Nitrogen deficiency is the most-common nutrient deficiency. This nutrient tends to be washed away and must be replaced frequently. Nitrogen deficiency can cause symptoms such as yellowed leaves, stunted growth, and blackened roots.

Key Grow Solutions uses three forms of nitrogen: ammonia, urea, and nitrate. These forms of nitrogen provide nutrients in both the cation and anion form, and they offer different absorption rates and mobility profiles. Together, the combination of these nitrogen sources allow for effective and efficient uptake within the plant.

Nitrogen can be found in all four KGS products: White Royal for your plant’s vegetative stage, Red Royal for your plant’s bloom phase, Purple Cat for your supplemental calcium and magnesium, and Blue Butterfly* for your micronutrient needs.


*Blue Butterfly contains boron, which, at high levels, can cause plant toxicity. It should not be used on seeds.