Potassium is key for fruiting and flowering of plants. It imparts vigor, disease resistance and encourages rooting. It aids in protein formation. It improves fruit quality and stem or stalk stiffness. It is essential in formation and translocation of plant starches, sugars and oils.

Potassium is one of the greatest investments for bud growers. It has the ability to strengthen the plant by making plant cells thicker, and it is involved in over 60 enzyme systems that regulate plant growth. One of these major roles is in regulating water use efficiency. The opening and closing of stomates (microscopic openings or pores) is directly related to the concentration of potassium in the cells that surround the stomates. If your plant has a shortage of potassium, the stomates will only partially open and be slower in closing.

Potassium deficiency can lead to reduced plant vigor, light brown leaf margins, yellowed leaves, and decreased shoot density. Potassium-deficient plants begin to lose disease resistance and will struggle to use water and light efficiently.

Key Grow Solutions uses potassium acetate technology to deliver this key nutrient to your plants. Potassium acetate is more mixable, easier to handle, and less likely to be phytotoxic than other forms of potassium on the market. Potassium acetate is a highly-soluble, highly-absorbable form of potassium that your plant can actually use. 

Unlike many other sources of potassium, the carrier (acetate) in Key Grow Solutions’ potassium products is a natural plant metabolite, which is more rapidly and readily taken up by plants than other sources of potassium. That in turn leads to increased potassium efficiency and higher productivity.

Potassium can be found in three KGS products: White Royal for your plant’s vegetative stage, Red Royal for your plant’s bloom phase, and Blue Butterfly* for your micronutrient needs.


* Blue Butterfly contains boron, which, at high levels, can cause plant toxicity. It should not be used on seeds.